Load Banks in the Data Centre Sector

A users guide to load banks

Industry Guide

How load banks can help data centre operators to avoid downtime and power failures

In a data centre environment, maximising efficiency and avoiding downtime is key to success.

The guide explores the critical role of both back-up power and load testing solutions in the resilience strategy of data centres – from the role of server emulators in the testing and commissioning phases to the vital importance of regular testing using multi-megawatt resistive/reactive units.

The guide covers technology and applications including:

  • Resistive-only load banks typically up to 300kW for heat load testing
  • Rack mounted server emulators for heat load testing
  • Capacitive load banks to test with the leading power factor often associated with servers
  • Multi-megawatt, medium voltage load bank packages to test and synchronise multigenset systems on a common bus with a lagging power factor
  • DC load banks to test UPS systems for close battery analysis and discharge performance
  • Resistive-reactive load banks for testing the whole system operation in an emergency change-over scenario

Drawing on many years in the sector, the guide also explores the changing energy mix and its impact on power resilience and reliability as demand itself fluctuates. 

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Crestchic is a global manufacturer of load banks, headquartered in the UK, with specialist rental divisions in the UK, France, Germany, Singapore, UAE, Ireland and China.

Since its incorporation in 1983, Crestchic Loadbanks has a developed a diverse range of products and does not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

As a manufacturer of bespoke products, with the largest global rental fleet, whichever stage of the of the data centre lifecycle you need to test, we can test it your way.

Crestchic has been working with data centres for over 30 years. Crestchic’s very first project was with Littlewoods initial data centre operations in Liverpool in the early 1980s; the company now has a project portfolio of over 3000 data centre installations.

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