About Crestchic Load Banks

The world’s leading load bank specialists

Specialising in load bank manufacture since 1983, Crestchic has the knowledge and expertise to meet your power load testing requirements, and exceed your expectations.

Global locations

With sales and rentals offices in the UK, North America, Singapore, Netherlands, France, Germany, India and Dubai, Crestchic are the largest load bank specialists in the world.

Design and service that’s second to none

Crestchic has the expertise and capability to develop tailor-made testing solutions that meet all your requirements, wherever you are. From standard size resistive and reactive load banks or custom-designed and built load banks of any size at any voltage and frequency.

Delivering load banks to all seven continents

No other company specialises in worldwide load bank supply like Crestchic. In fact, Crestchic load banks have been operationally successful in all seven continents and are reliably testing power supplies every day in locations and climates all round the world, from temperate to jungle, desert to snow, off-shore to high altitude.




“Crestchic was the ideal provider for us as it enabled us to design exactly what we wanted at the same time as remaining cost efficient. We were provided with such a good service and robust product in the first instance that we returned to Crestchic for our most recent installation at the Rothera station. You can’t survive here without resilient generators and we can’t afford to lose the power so the load banks are critical for our operation out in Antarctica.”

Mark Wales

Facilities Manager, British Antarctic Survey

 “We are pleased to be fulfilling our 5th order with our long-standing client, CSBC Corporation, Taiwan, the largest ship builder in Taiwan. CSBC Corporation, Taiwan are at the forefront of quality vessel building, as underlined by their ongoing commitment to load bank testing.”

President, DDR Enterprise Corp

 “Working with Cresthic and TUV to fully test our products gives our customers the confidence that the product will behave as it should when in use. As with any electrical product, we’re also bound by strict regulations. Having a rigorous Quality Assurance and testing process in place ensures that our products are safe and effective – something which is absolutely business-critical for us.”

Henry Turner

Chief Technology Officer, Char.gy

Frequent Questions


How long has Crestchic been around?

Crestchic was formed in 1983, meaning that we have over 40 years’ experience in the load testing sector.


Which countries do you operate in?

Crestchic has operations in many countries around the world. We supply load banks to all seven continents and operate in some of the most humid and frozen parts of the globe. Our offices includes Europe, the United States of America, the Middle East and across the Asia Pacific.


What kW range do you supply?

We manufacture and supply load banks from 20kW up to 7000kW. We can create a load testing package to suit your needs. Globally we have a fleet of over 150MVA and often provide multi-MVA sized packages for turn-key projects.


Where is your HQ based?

We operate from a headquarters based in Burton-on -Trent in the United Kingdom. Our location is well served by major roads for easy transportation to cities and ports. It’s here that we have a state of the art £2m manufacturing facility allowing us to handle a large manufacturing capacity.