Load banks

Crestchic is one of the leading specialists in loadbank manufacturing and testing solutions. Manufacturing since 1983, Crestchic is the largest loadbank specialist in the world, with extensive expertise and the capability to develop tailor-made testing solutions from standard size resistive and reactive loadbanks to custom-designed and built loadbanks of any size at a range of voltages and frequencies. Standard loadbanks product from 10kW – 7000kW, with voltage rating from 110V to 36kV and are all 100% weather proof.

Crestchic’s loadbanks have been operationally successful in all seven continents, reliably testing power supplies every day in locations and climates all around the world, from desert to snow, off-shore to high altitude.

With the US being the biggest market in the world for power testing there is an ever increasing demand for rental loadbanks across a range of capacities and voltages. Together with its US partners Crestchic provide a range of rental delivery and installation options, support services and accessories to complement its rental package. This year at Power-Gen the company will present the innovative 5MW medium voltage loadbank, a power testing solution with a smaller carbon footprint and which is now available for the first time for rental. The loadbank enables testing at 3kV up to 13.8kV.

This innovative loadbank combats some of the challenges that traditional methods of testing medium voltage generators present, such as rain resistance elevating costly downtime when it rains.

There will be members of the Crestchic team available during the event to discuss Crestchic’s capabilities and product offering. Damien Raspe, Technical Support Manager, will be on hand to provide visitors with insight into power testing solutions.

Crestchic will be located at stand: 5239.