Arkansas-based generator maintenance business, Veteran Power Solutions, has appointed Crestchic in Texas as its primary load bank supplier, citing cost savings, delivery speed, and customer services as the main drivers.

Generator testing specialists

Despite being a relatively new business, the owner of Veteran Power Solutions, John Hill, has amassed more than 20 years of experience in generator maintenance. The company offers generator and transfer switch maintenance across a range of makes and models, including Generac, Cat, Cummins, Kohler, Taylor, and Briggs and Stratton. A key part of the servicing offered by the company is generator testing, which uses a load bank to apply a dummy load in order to fully test the integrity of the generator and ensure it will work in the event of a power failure. The company also offers regular load testing regimes to ensure that backup power systems meet NFPA-110 standards.

Why load banks are key to success

John explains, “Load bank testing is a key part of any generator maintenance strategy – it is the only way to fully test how a generator will respond under a full load, including testing the fuel, engine, cooling and switchgear are working as they should. It is critical to my business that I have a supplier that can provide the load bank technology I need to test gensets quickly, reliably, and at a reasonable cost.”

To fulfill this need, Veteran Power Solutions turned to Crestchic. With over 40 years of experience in the supply of load banks and power testing equipment, Crestchic is a global business that has facilities across the US. The company has the expertise and capability to develop tailor-made testing solutions, from standard-size resistive and reactive load banks or custom-designed and built load banks of any size at any voltage and frequency.

Good customer service for all

Crucially, Crestchic offers the same level of service whether the company is a small first-time customer, or a major player in the data centre industry looking for a whole fleet.

John continues, “I went with Crestchic because they were easy to do business with. I’m a small, veteran-owned business, and I know that Crestchic deals with some of the big players, including hyperscale datacentres that require multiple units. I first reached out for a proposal to rent a 100KW load bank for a few months and was really impressed with their response time, cost savings, and the level of support they provided.”

Based out of Texas, the Crestchic team prides itself on providing excellent customer service and a fast turnaround. As load bank rental specialists, the team knows that the equipment is used to run mission-critical testing, often at short notice. The team has a fleet of load banks available for hire. Each unit undergoes full testing, maintenance, and cleaning when it is returned to the depot, ensuring that it is ready for quick shipping if the need arises.

John concludes, “As well as saving me money versus my previous supplier, the Crestchic team made sure my load bank was delivered quickly so I did not lose any business. I’ll be returning to Crestchic for any future load bank requirements and will recommend that others give them a call.”