Crestchic, the world leader in load bank manufacture, sales and rental has won both the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ and ‘Project of the Year’ awards from industry body, AMPS.


Torrie Lunn was put forward by the company for her outstanding aptitude in learning and applying her knowledge in a real business environment.  Her achievements have continued to impress her colleagues and her win at the AMPS awards speaks volumes about her commitment to her career.

Torrie has also proven that there are no boundaries when it comes to age or gender when working within the engineering profession.

Chris Caldwell, Managing Director at Crestchic said: “I would like to start by congratulating Torrie on winning this coveted award. The dedication from our workforce is part and parcel of what makes Crestchic a world leader.  Our longer serving team members have been imparting their knowledge onto our apprentices and it is hugely rewarding to see them take that knowledge and apply it to build their own future in this profession.

“As an equal opportunities employer, we encourage everyone to take a leaf out of Torrie’s book and step into the engaging world of engineering.”


Crestchic was approached by Hutchinson, a world leading port investor, developer and operator for a load bank solution to assist with the smooth running of their port in Pakistan. As the port was operating their crane using a generator, they were suffering from an issue called ‘regenerative power’, which can be very harmful to the generator itself.

Generally, in power generation a variable frequency drive controls the motor by supplying it with energy which then powers the crane to lift its load. When the crane is lowering its load, the power is no longer required, so the motor turns in the opposite direction, meaning the power is returned to the power source (the generator).

This reversal can twist the shaft and cause alignment problems, both of which are irreversible problems and will damage the generator alternator and engine. The reverse power can make the voltage swell which can result in an unstable system and may cause damage to other loads.

Crestchic have provided 2 specially designed 7MW loadbanks housed in 30’ containers to the port. These can be included in the crane-genset circuit and can dissipate any regenerative power before it can get back to the generator engine, thus avoiding any damage.

Chris Caldwell added: “This project demonstrates the versatility of our load bank range and the ingenuity of our engineers.

“The problems of regenerative power can lead to substantial problems, which can cause down-time and large financial risk for operators.  I’m extremely delighted that the AMPS awards committee have recognized our work in this field and awarded us the honour or ‘Project of the Year’.