Crestchic ServiceThe Crestchic Service team have created a new load bank unit designed to light up and hold coffee cups, but this one-of-a-kind piece is more about bygone nostalgia than keeping generators and power supplies on their toes!

Ian Casson, Crestchic Service Manager, said: ”I was randomly searching ebay and found a listing for one of our old load banks, made back in 1989. It had been used on a farm in Shropshire testing single phase generators.

“It was in a really poor condition, with beaten panels and covered in over 30 years of rust and muck.  However, testament to our precision engineering, it was still fully functional!

Ian was quick to jump in and purchase the item.

“I checked the serial number, and it was built at our original depot on Pagett Street in Burton,” continued Ian.

“The load bank was built to suit a specific requirement, so rather than refurbish it we decided to come up with another use for it.  Eventually we decided, due to the nostalgia, we would give it new life as a coffee table in our head office!

“Our team got to work repairing the panel work and making the unit look as good as new.  We added some cut-away sections and used some dynamic lighting to show the internals of the load bank. The elements and the fan were left in position, with the fan being made a feature, which is operated via a switch.”

The team ensured that any original part that could be saved would be reused, meaning minimal new items went into the project.

“The seller was very happy that it was returning to its original point of manufacture, and for us the project creates a great talking point for any visitors,” said Ian.

Crestchic has been operating for over 30 years’ in the load testing arena, garnering an incredible reputation for delivering world leading products and services, with some of the biggest industrial clients around the world.

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