Load bank control: In addition to NOVA and ORION (mentioned last week – read more here: https://loadbanks.com/fibre-optic-nova-control-system-is-a-winner-with-customers/), our tech team have developed the load bank control module, Gemini, for the medium voltage applications. Driven by our project with Dalkia, Gemini takes all its readings from the MV side of the transformer and in-turn, controls the LV loadbank to apply or remove load according to the actual MV values. Gemini can operate with multiple loadbanks and, being fully integrated with ORION, controls and records as one package. For customers testing MV systems this is a real breakthrough, as we can now offer control and data acquisition 100% derived from their MV supply.

A Modbus interface module, STAR-DELTA and 400Hz operation are all imminent releases for NOVA. Foreign language versions will become available in 2021.

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