Crestchic Loadbanks has launched a trailer-mounted load bank solution, designed to meet the growing demand for transportable load banks at data centres with multiple generators.

With more than 35 years of experience in the design and supply of load banks and testing equipment worldwide, Crestchic Loadbanks’ R&D team have worked closely with customers in the data centre industry to develop a bespoke solution which can be delivered with load banks of various capacities.

Paul Brickman, Sales and Marketing Director at Crestchic Loadbanks, explains, “We’re seeing more and more customers looking for a solution which will allow them to use their load testing equipment in multiple locations. This is especially true of data centres, many of which may have in excess of 20 generators on one site. Having the ability to move the load bank from one generator to another reduces the time and complexity of the testing process.”

The data centre market globally is experiencing fantastic growth, increasing the demand placed on their physical footprint. To meet the demand for increased capacity, many sites have multiple generators packed into a fairly a compact space, or spaced out in different locations around the site. This means that sites must be able to move their load testing equipment easily while also being able to fit into compact spaces.

Traditionally, applications that required a load bank to be moved regularly would need to use a low-loader, HGV or similar solution. As well as the need to have access to a vehicle with the load-bearing capacity to move this kind of equipment, using this type of vehicle often meant getting into tight spaces could be an issue – making it very hard to access all generator units. The design of the trailer ensures that the load bank can get close to the cable connection point, while the low-to-ground profile also overcomes the safety issues associated with working at height.

As well as improved manoeuvrability and safety, the trailer-mounted load bank solution houses all the equipment necessary to connect the load bank to the generator, including test cables and auxiliary supply cables. It also includes ACB protection, motorised cable deployment and power-safe connectors, facilitating quicker and more convenient onsite assembly and load testing.

Paul continues, “We’re always keen to work in collaboration with customers to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. This new product has been designed specifically to offer a practical remedy to known issues, offering users easier access and the convenience of a complete solution in one package.”